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VeloCITY - The Wind in Your Hair

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Merry Christmas, folks. This is Mr. Blue Sky, lead developer for VeloCITY: The Wind in Your Hair, the Jet Set Radio-inspired homebrew about flying through the air with the greatest of ease, turning anything you see into a flying trapeze.

Hope you guys are enjoying your holiday break. I don't have a new update this month, and you can credit that to last month's update. I'm reposting it here for those who may have missed the big update to the game, as it's a monster of a change. Version 1.3 has the most substantial changes to the rules yet, so I want to make sure everyone is on the same page. To recap, here's the short version of the big core change, which has rammifications across the entire document:
>Strength, Agility, Balance and Grit are now known as movement stats and are directly tied and synchronized to their respective core stat (Body, Speed, Mind, and Soul respectively). Upgrading the core stat automatically upgrades the movement stat.
>With the new substat vacancies, there are four new substats to take their place.
>>BODY - Resilience: The damage resistance stat, separate from Stamina
>>BODY - Brawl: The dedicated melee to-hit stat, separate from Coordination
>>SPEED - Stealth: Self-explanatory
>>SPEED - Larceny: Less-than-legal skills, like breaking-and-entering, pickpocketing, sleight-of-hand, etc.

On top of the change above, other changes have been made to both reflect the new statline and to make the rules cleaner and more specific overall.

There was another thread around here talking about a tabletop adaptation of Warframe (>>50851091), and a mod of VeloCITY was one of the most talked-about options, since it's been done in the past. For those who are curious about the system, here is your opportunity to learn all you want about it. Any characters, stories, logs, suggestions, questions, or mods to the game are all welcome. Enjoy the game, and happy holidays!