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Explain why a spy agency that doesn't officially exist would have its own comm badge design.
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Could humans and Elder Things become friends? Could their civilization have worked together? How would Elder Things see us?
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How to justify space colonization without transhumanism?

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>Our universe. The year is 2300, not hard sci-fi but not outright silly either
>Mankind has colonized galaxy after galaxy
>Somehow the small picture is still close to XXI century:
> People walk across windowed hallways on two legs
> People parse their environment through eyes, smell and touch
> People communicate via natural language, by mouths and ears and writing
> Decisions are made by councils of people rather than algorithms
How to justify this? Butlerian Jihad style cultural-historical reasons feel weak. The best I can think of is: a race of alien ghosts hover all around us, they kill off anything that looks like overly advanced technology, with the exception of technologies relating to distant travel. But that's dorky.

More generally: how to justify lack of extreme transhumanism while allowing for longrunning space colonization?
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Thoughts on Heroclix?

Have you played? How can the game be approved on? Do you play causally or competitively? Is Uni-mind for fags?
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Starting to Feel Embaressed

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starting to feel embaressed about my hobby. I feel like only kids and socially awkward rejects still play D&D, there is nobody my age.

I don't want to leave the cool kids table, but i don't want to be alone.
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What are some good general jokes (not specifically themed) jokes for my clown NPCs? Maybe some one liners for combat.
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Did you guys check this supplement out? I got it and it's really awesome, finally someone made edgy classes that don't suck ass
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Game Masters of /tg/ whom used play Martial

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>...what IS it like gming for party(s) of casters?
How do you feel about martial-types becoming nothing more than NPC(s)?
Do you agree that they should be removed as a playable format?
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i let one of my players in a D&D game i'm running play a modified version of a zombie, and it's been working out pretty well. i've let him retain his full INT score as long as he can consistently feed on the brains of sentient creatures.

another party member now is asking to play a skeleton, and i'd like to set it up similarly, but skeletons obviously don't have a digestive system.

what should i make the skeleton have to "eat"?
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