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Let me tell you an industry secret that this board won't tell you, sure CS is easy, trivial, whatever you call it, but from my experience, people coming from a non-CS background can't code for SHIT, and this is well known among software developers and employers.
Physicists, mathematicians and even some engineers write pajeet-tier code that is unmaintainable, ugly and horribly slow, having to work with one of you suckers is absolute hell, sure you can prove some meme-tier useless algebraic-topology theorems, but when it comes to building real things and implementing solutions, you SUCK BALLS.
An employer will always prefer a CS graduate over a math / physics / engineer graduate and will always pay them more and promote them faster. This is why CS is THE best paid major by far and this is why this board RAGES so hard when CS is mentioned, because it is easier and rewards you MORE.
All those precious hours working hard and proving meme theorems to flip burgers, no wonder you guys are seething so hard seeing CS-chads making 6 figures while you're broke and burnt out, all that time living in your abstract world might have given you brain damage, I feel deeply sorry for you.