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Mercury is the best place in the solar system for colonisation

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Mercury is the overlooked diamond in the rough of the solar system and the best place for long term colonisation and most profitable.
>entire planet made of metal
>plenty of water and volatiles for farming at the poles (orders of magnitude more than the moon).
>comfy temperatures and temperature swings in the permanent sunset areas of the poles (20-50 Celsius temp MAX with 50 Celsius swings over 60 day periods)
>more helium 3 than the moon but easier to mine than gas giants and closer
>launch window every 3 months vs 2 years for mars, venus ect.
>limitless godlike solar power
>solar sails only need to be realistic sizes to be useful because of light intensity.
>could be given a breathable low pressure pure o2 atmosphere that last 60,000 years easily with one small asteroid and passive photolysis.
>eventually we can make a dyson sphere and freeze all the earthniggers