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Tl:dr: Why are science profs so based and arts profs so toxic?

I decided to incorporate English into my science degree as a minor for a couple of reasons. One, to broaden my range of knowledge and challenge myself. Two, I'm writing a novel so I thought it would be useful.

My prof seemed cool at first and then she started grading my work. Two formal papers on readings we did in class came back: B-, and C+. I let it go and more and more shit kept happening with poor marks. Also every single time I submitted something, it was proofread by a friend of mine with a masters in English and is a published author.

I spoke to my bio prof and I told him the story. His only response was "Run. Get out of the arts."

Well, today I did that.

Why are science majors so based and arts students schizos? Is it the objective scientific method training, or maybe a denser frontal lobe?

I say we kick them all out and make room for more science stuff.