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Did I figure out a formula?

>Wake up "OK today's an art day"
>Spend 3+ hours on basic fundies, perspective, figure, portrait, quick-sketch, two-tone
>Spend some of the day doing basic graphic design for work
>Right before bed "I need to draw some coomer art for my followers and clout"
>Whip out great piece in 20 minutes
>1k likes overnight and growing, my fastest growing piece so far in April

Sometimes I Just sit on the couch at the end of the day and try to only draw a coomer piece for like 2 hours and sometimes it's good, oftentimes it's shit. Or I sit with a real lesson but my only intention is to create coomer art with the learning results. But after 7 years of that I'm starting to resent myself for not building my real abilities. I don't think my audience wants to see overrendered bullshit either - they want the simple shapes, character - soul, quick readability etc. Is this the best of both worlds /ic/? How do I keep on this track and not fall back into being a coomer-only artist?