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I want to draw comics but I quickly realized I'm slow as shit + not that good in general and you need more than just half decent knowledge of drawing people to do it
so in order to practice and hopefully improve I'll try a kind of choose your own adventure comic here where I ask for commands and make it up as I go, and I would be really thankful if you'd play along. Criticism is encouraged, especially on composition cause I have no idea what I'm doing there
If you want to do a command just type >>[text] like
>>take a shit on the bed
There's no way I'll do every command, especially if they're retarded like the one above. I'll be more likely to choose ones that progress the story or ones I find more interesting.

I'll try to keep it going, here goes

You feel like your head is going to split open. If brains could give birth, you're certain that yours is experiencing what labor probably feels like... Probably. Only now you notice that you're in the process of waking up... and drenched in sweat, wetting what you're almost sure is the recognizable -only mildly soft- hotel bed fabric that you feel under your fingertips.
You have no idea how you ended up in what checks out to be a hotel room, or why you're in a suit, and concentrating to recall on absent memories isn't doing wonders for your migraine. The beaming light that's probably not actually as bright as it feels right now isn't helping either, but at least the otherwise uncomforting silence is helping to keep you from sensory overload.
You start to notice the sound of blood pumping through your ears. What will you do?