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Using reference is bad. Here is why

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A lot of artists nowadays don't copy a real object or person, they copy and paste their "reference" next to their drawing in photoshop. A lot of them just trace over the image they want, then there's just straight out photobashing.
There are people out there that have drawn for years as a professional that I can spot major anatomy issues from, later learning that they heavily used "references", the parts they referenced was more or less accurate but the parts they had to add themselves are full of issues.
I get using a reference for accurate anatomy or complex body movement and interaction they should be used to understand better but I don't get the point of people that just lift the picture completely and then slightly alter the image to make it their own work.
It explains their major flaws and inconsistencies, their actual skill level is much lower than it first seemed and are using crutches, the flawed areas are their real abilities.