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Temple Grounds

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O hallowed lord, O Master Zhu. Guide us, thine flock, from this board of sin; bear our weakness, and in doing, cleanse us of our misconceptions. Thy teachings be light; thy voice, reason. Reveal and repel the imps, O lord; the demons that would muddy our path with thoughts of 'talent,' 'neuroplasticity,' and other such deceptions, for they seek to consume us.

Behold, these crustacean beings of the Bucket Down Under, envy incarnate, they fashion lies to ensare the faithless, to cast them into the great Bucket and swallow them whole. They eat the lost, and in doing, convert them unto their fold. The fate all those who defy your word face, the sole destination for all followers of the false God of talent.

We are your old, your talentless, your un-Japs; your faithful, your eager, your potential. O Grandmaster, teacher, Lord, deliver us unto gains, employment, and self-satisfaction. Eternal praise be yours, as all and more is your due for eternal salvation. Amen.

Join, you devoted, in appreciation of his gifts. Thank you Feng Zhu. I'm going to make it.