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/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General:

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This is a thread to discuss drawing hardware.

>What should I buy?
500$ - Intuos Pro
100$ - Xp Pen Deco Pro
50$ - Deco 01/HS611/HS610

If you have any questions, ask them.

*Wacom NON-PRO.
Rebranded Bamboos and crippled cut down displays. If you can't afford pro you can't afford Wacom.
Their budget offerings are a scam you just pay for a brand name but get shit product.
just bad pen performance.
*Any mobile devices that aren't Apple or Samsug.
Only these two brands have a servicable pen good enough to draw anything.
*Old Model chinese tablets.
They have some really confusing naming schemes and you might get a seriously obsolete device if you don't pay attention and do some research.
*The local /pol shizo.
Just tell him to post his work because he's not a real artist.