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Are some people scientifically unable to improve

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I don't understand it...... There is this dude in an art group I used to be in but I left due to being full of underage faggots who only doodle shitty things without caring about the fundies or looking at actually good art for reference at all. There is also specifically this user who, despite receiving tips for almost two years, still draws like absolute garbage, pic related is his work. I pointed once with another user that his work is objectively absolute shit and that he needs to open an anatomy book and draw shapes in 3d using his mind, but right after other people in the group started saying that I should just let him be and don't be a dick just because I am a /beg/ myself and I still have to start drawing seriously. What the fuck does that even mean? Just because I am not Krenz Cushart it doesn't mean that I am not able to recognize garbage art in all shapes or forms. Why are some people just happy with their absolute shit skill level?