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Infinity War Leak

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Part 1

Spoilers follow

>>Opening sequence is as many guessed the battle on Xandar. We get to see the Black Order killing a lot of Nova corps members. Thanos retrieves the Power stone and slams his fist into the ground destroy the surface and all life on Xandar. This happens 32 hours before he comes across Thor's ship in Ragnarok.

>>Next scene picks up where Ragnarok ended and shows Thor's ship under Attack by Thanos and his forces. Korg and Meek are killed by Cull Obsidian, while Heimdall and Valkyrie escape though Thanos sends a ship after them leaving their final fate unknown. Loki fights Proxima and Thor fights Corvus while Hulk goes after Thanos and gets his ass kicked. Loki ask Thanos to spare Thor and Hulk and he does. Corvus stabs Loki through the back killing him and Thanos forces Thor to watch. He sends both Thor and Hulk through space portals with the Space stone.