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Would you watch this movie, /co/?

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Hello, my name is Hugh Neutron.

You may not know me yet, but I might as well tell my story.

My son Jimbo, was a quacking genius. While I was playing around with ducks and eating pies. He'd make the best inventions a father would be amazed.

One day he would be flying rockets with his friends. While another he would make inventions to help out the house.

My wife, Judy used to make the best god damn casseroles in the world. I love and cared about her more than anything besides Jimbo.

She was my sweetheart. However, one day that all changed. When I got home from my job at the duck factory. I found my son, Jimbo and my wife Judy brutally murdered.

I never felt the same way again, my sanity declined rapidly because of it. I even shot my next door neighbor and killed a few police officers because of it.

One day I discovered a message that was left undiscovered in the cookie jar in my kitchen.

It was from Speedy, he murdered my family to get back at me defeating him in the Street Fighter tournament.

He took Godard away to be kept as his personal robot slave so he can build an army of them to go after me next.

Now is my duty to avenge my family and destroy that pink motherducker once and for all.