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Why can't they make standalone films for hero's? Why is it all big universe bullshit?

Why can't they make standalone movies like DC has done with it's animation but in live action? Like, you don't have to tell the origin of supers anymore. It's like why would you tell the origin of every cop in a Lethal weapon type movie?

Just introduce us to a cool hero then have them go on an adventure right?

>John Wick
>Countless other non super movies.

Batman 89 is the best capekino example, yeah it shows his parents murder but that isn't the focus of the film you know?

>Nb4 I know the MCU and DCEU sells more as a giant universe

you could have different takes on Ant-Man or iron Man by making standalone films that can grow into their own franchises they just have to have a good story. Like, half the MCU movies don't have good stories, they just have great visuals and decent castings and stuff.

>I quit after iron Man 3 and bvs