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>was one of the most profitable publishers in the modern comics industry
>editor in Chief after 14 years of steady leadership decided to be a huge virtue signalling faggot
>hired the absolute worst people and encouraged them to get into fights with fans on social media
>company loses 91% of their profits in just one year

Is there any saving IDW now? Yes Chris Ryall was fired, but as we have seen with Marvel, just because a publisher says they are going to fix things doesn't mean they will actually change anytime soon. IDW ruled the niche of licensed comics, and now they are only making 9% of the profits they had the year before Ryall sold out.

Unless they've replaced him with someone who is bullishly pragmatic who is laser-focused on just giving the fans what they want instead of chasing a "better class of fans" (that doesn't exist), I am not expecting a massive turnaround. Ryall was Toys R Us levels of incompetent in his final year and there will be long term damage to IDW as a result.