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Moon Knight would never worked as a live action adaptation, or at least at this current time with Disney at the wheel. Their Netflix programs have been on a steady decline in quality with each installment, and they wouldn't have the budget to do things like say The Mooncopter. Not to mention they would keep Marc out of costume for a good portion of it, and they'd probably go with the Lunatic story line for a season plot. Now for a movie there's the benefit of a budget and doing weird stuff with Khonshu, but there's a good chance they'd dial back Marc's violence for the sake of family oriented cinema. Moreover, there's also the clusterfuck of Marc's multiple personalities that could easily be mishandled.

But if you had to choose, which one would you prefer? Because I have a feeling sooner or later Marvel Studios is going to use Moon Knight, and try to make money on their "Batman". How would you do it?