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Adventure time

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>Blenanas (Patrick McHale and Sam Alden): Finn's latest literary work is met with only derision so he sets out to prove all the naysayers wrong.

>Jake the Starchild (Aleks Sennwald and Hanna K.N.): In order to fulfill his grand destiny, Jake is spirited away by a strangely familiar shape-shifting alien.

>Temple of Mars (Tom Herpich and Steve Wolfhard): Searching for answers on Mars, Finn and Jermaine discover that they must first survive a cunning Martian mental trap.

>Gumbaldia (Sam Alden and Graham Falk): Finn and Jake, as ambassadors of the Candy Kingdom, travel to a powerful new city-state in a last ditch effort to stave off war.

Currently missing episode 10 and 11 from my Ondemand service. Also i'm messing around my encodings.