Avatar Legend Of Korra Thread

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I've been watching Korra, and damn it feels bad when there's so much unexplained shit that pops up that flat out makes no sense.

So, there's the S2 Korra plotline where the first avatar learns all the elements and eventually fuses with the spirit of light or something. I get people hate on this arc, but I didn't think that was so bad even if it was out of nowhere. What I hated is that near the end of the series, a dude fuses with the dark spirit... and just instantly becomes an Avatar completely in control of all 4 elements. What? The first Avatar had to go through all kinds of shit to learn the elements, and the fusion with the light spirit just gave them the "avatar state", basically. The dark spirit just magically skips all that and grants mastery of all elements?

It feels like they said
"OK, we want an avatar vs avatar finale to S2, how do we get there?"
"Oh, just have the dark spirit grant all elements"
"But that's not what happened in the origin story we used 5 episodes back, it makes no sense!"
"Who cares, nobody is going to fact check this shit, just don't mention it in-series and have the villain just gain all elements!"

Is there ANY excuse for it, or is it plain lazy writing?