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Rick and Morty is just adult Adventure Time

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Think about it.
Rick and Morty is just science Adventure Time.
1. There are a bunch of made up nonsense things like Plumbus or googoomamameter, as well as catch phrases like Shmowzow or Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
2. Both shows break free from conventions such as typical plotlines, character development, and content
3. Each show has it's own cult following (read as: autistic fanbase), which led to /co/, /tv/, and all of 4chan disliking the shows because the fans were so awful, despite being perfectly good shows
4. The premises of the show are very similar, barring adult content of course. "Two relatives, one older and one younger, go on adventures through out a random and crazy universe. The impressionable young one is far more interested in seeing new things and exploring new places than the older, sometimes jaded, but mostly laid back older one, who often gives out advice about just about every topic under the stars.
5. Your mother will die in he- Just kidding, but an actual comparison is that the art styles are very simple, sometimes even sharing similar facial expressions