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Clark’s invulnerability if his balls were in a vice

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I was wondering about the limits of Superman’s invulnerability. His body can withstand all kinds of abuse before he experiences pain or sustains damage.

Yet when he DOES get hurt, it appears the resilience levels of his different body parts are comparable to a human.

In GL Rebirth, I remember one of the Lanterns attacked his eyes because they are the weakest part. Krypto’s senses and muscles vs Superman’s are comparable to a dog and a human.

What if Superman were to put his testicles in a vice? What level of strength would it require before Superman experiences pain?

I think we can agree that someone like Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen with average human strength wouldn’t be able to hurt his balls.

What about a peak human like Batman? Remember, he’s as strong as it’s possible to get without entering the realm of super-strength, and those are his balls. Would it hurt, even just a little?

Killer Croc has low level super strength, normally wouldn’t be a threat to Superman, but what about his balls?

What about Bane after a dose of venom? He’s usually depicted as being stronger than Croc.

If we continue to go up the strength scale, eventually we will reach characters like Wonder Woman and Zod who are certainly capable of crushing his testicles. What I’m wondering is, what character would possess the minimum strenght level to hurt him. Could a peak human cut it? Different universe, but I tend to think Spider-man could probably hurt Superman’s balls in a vice. Could the minimum be lower than him?