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What do you guys think if Bucky and Black Widow appeared in two or more movies after Infinity War? What if they became a romantic couple and helped each other deal with their past evil actions? What if they only kind of seemed like a romantic couple and there were some hints towards this in the movies for 'shippers' intrigued by this sort of stuff, but they never actually kissed or had sex? Do you guys think this would be a good idea? Do you think it could make Black Widow seem too much like the 'team bicycle'? Does it seem to 'Reyloish'? Should Falcon be in one or more of the movies as well? Captain America as well? Any other thoughts?

This appeared in a past supposed leak:
>Bucky was propped up as a potential replacement for Captain America back when it looked like Chris Evans wouldn't come back post-"Infinity War". He's since changed his mind, so Bucky is staying as the Winter Soldier for the time being, and might get a spin-off franchise. One of the ideas being discussed is pairing him with the Black Widow for a new movie, should Scarlett Johansson renew her contract, or maybe with Falcon given the positive reception to their dynamics in "Civil War".

Speaking to fans at last weekend’s Salt Lake City Comic-Con, Sebastian Stan revealed that he’d like to see the movies explore the Winter Soldier’s romance with Black Widow. (Perhaps after he’s picked up the shield and become the new Captain America?)

When asked whether the movies should bring in Bucky and Natasha’s comic book history, he enthused, “Yes they can, yes they should.”

Speaking to Vulture last year, he said, “I could talk about the Black Widow all you want! That’s an amazing storyline. I would love for that to happen.”