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Top 10 Least SJW/PC Comic Books

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I told my father last night (73 yrs old) about what has happened to the comic book industry and he almost had a conniption. Savage Dragon issue 266 with Trump voters as "alien killers", Black girl Ironman, Gay Mulatto Spiderman, Asian Superman, Nazi Captain America, Female Thor YAAAS QUEEEN, Muslim Ms. Marvel, Gay Iceman, Morbidly Obese new Faith chick, Black AF, all women are men, all villains are white men, Cucks are cool, Ugly is the new hot, Sexy women are sexist, Up is down, Left is right, You get the gist. Let me know if I missed anything. I'm trying to get back into comics. Please give me some non-PC, non-SJW recommendations for the love of God.