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>In 2013, Craig McCracken's third and most underrated cartoon, Wander Over Yonder premieres
>Due to Disney Channel becoming autistic and focusing solely on little girls in 2014, all of the good cartoons were moved to XD along with Wander.
>This caused the ratings to take a MASSIVE blow with typically 200-400K viewers per episode
>This was when vieweship on television mattered
>Disney, unsatisfied with Wander's ratings during the first season, cancels it before Season 2 premieres
>The series is still pretty underrated 2 years into its run, so there's no going back.
>The series finally gains momentum in popularity in early 2016 when My Fair Hatey premiered
>But it was already too late, Craig announced publicly the show had been cancelled.
>Airs the final episodes in mid-2016 with mediocre ratings
>Series barely gets reruns

Let's face the music guys, it's never coming back. I know people are hopeful with Samurai Jack, Hey Arnold, ZIM and DuckTales returning, but the thing is, is that these shows were actually really popular and did pretty well with either ratings, merchandise or both. They also had pretty good fanbases.
They were brought back because they had a chance to make money.

Wander still isn't that popular nearly 2 years after the last episode and it never got merchandise. It's gone forever boys.

Also, Wander thread I guess.