/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread #7

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It's that time of year again. Time to share holiday comics, cartoons, comradery, traditions, and spread some cheer to your fellow anons.

As previous years share your Amazon wishlist and some random Anon may purchase a holiday gift for you. I'll have two of these pastebins going, one filled with the ungifted wishlist codes and another with all wishlists that have been posted this year.

To get your wishlist code open you wishlists on Amazon, then click on the name on the left side of the page it will update the URL at the top after /wishlist/. If you are using one of the international versions of Amazon please let us know when you post your list.

Amazon will automatically donate a small portion of your purchase amount to the charity of your choice if you simply type "smile.amazon.com" rather than using the usual "www". Doing this is just one more way to spread the love this holiday season (and the rest of the year too, if you so choose).

If you frequent the threads please don't spam your list number, if you want to keep sharing it please only post it once per thread. Just because you've posted your list doesn't mean someone will purchase you a gift. It's random how Anon's will choose who to buy for. But please take a look through some of the lists and see if there's anyone/thing you want to gift.

The pastebins will be updated at least once a day, if you have any questions or concerns you can email Elusive at elusive@techie.com

Amazon changed how their lists work so please post letting us know when you buy gifts for someone.

Ungifted: pastebin.com/36vJM2pE
All: pastebin.com/rf4GDz5h