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Hey Arnold Movie Critique

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Anyone else feel like things were rushed like also a lot of things kind of seemed to happen very unnaturally? It didn't feel like I was watching a continuation of the last episode. My first issue was the art. Everything seemed bubbly and not as intimate as the episodes are (which usually has a darker tone and more zoomed in on the characters rather than wide shots of background) another issue was how he got to San Lorenzo in the first place. I get that it was a set up but that didn't seem natural to me. What would have been a better more natural way of getting there is if Arnold had shared his story with Gerald and eventually Gerald tells all his friends and they eventually decide they wanna return all his kindness by either saving up money for him to go on the trip to see his parents or they send in that video to a local news group that ends up wanting to sponsor his trip. His classmates are able to tag along because they were the ones who put the whole thing together or the school decides they may as well kill two birds with one stone to make it an education trip as well. The bad guy could have came in because he starts to notice Arnold is snooping around the area where evidence of his thievery is and tried to put a stop to it but then realizes Arnold is in fact a necessary key to getting to the green eyed people.