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Flashpoint is not the answer

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Look, I get it, a lot of people want to make a few retcons here and there in the DCEU. But trust me, a Flashpoint movie is a fucking stupid idea. Its an overrated story that casuals parrot because it had as much marketing as Marvel's Civil War, and it doesn't really work this early in the universe's narrative. Not only that, but its a complete waste of The Flash's first movie, not to mention time travel retconning shenanigans is confusing as hell to the general movie-going audience. Now I know what you're thinking, "Batdad!" but its not worth it. We still have to sit through a plot with Diana and Arthur fighting for the planet (Who isnt sick of hero vs hero by now?), and it would completely waste Thawne by introducing him this early. Wouldn't you guys prefer a Rogues movie or Grodd instead? Or do you really want a Flashpoint plot?