Animation Domination General #1: Peter Literally Invites Vladimir fucking Putin Edition

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Animation Domination serves you a fresh round of your favorite shark-jumped animated sitcoms that seriously need to fucking get cancelled. Really FOX, come on, JUST DO IT ALREADY.


-Bob's Burgers returns this week.

The schedule is as follows:
>7:00/6:00c - Bob's Burgers Except It's Actually About the Kids - The Quirkducers (RERUN): The Belcher kids produce their own version of the annual Thanksgiving play; Linda finds a potato that resembles her late grandfather.

>7:30/6:30c - Bob's Burgers Except Its Actually About Teddy - Thanks-hoarding (NEW!): Teddy's family unexpectedly announces they're coming for Thanksgiving; Teddy is revealed to be a hoarder.

>8:00/7:00c - The PinPalsons - Singin' In the Lane (NEW!): Homer reunites the old bowling team to cheer up Moe; the bowling team must compete with arrogant millionaires; Lisa and Marge try to teach Bart that money isn't everything.

>8:30/7:30c - Spook'd - Ghost Studz (NEW!): Two smug actors accidentally stumble upon paranormal activity; Max and Leroy must go undercover to save them.

>9:00/8:00c - ce?????? - Petey IV (NEW!) [PART 2 OF 3]: Vladimir Putin visits Quahog after Peter writes to him about discovering an alternate ending in the Russian version of one of his favorite films; Brian gets a job at a suicide hotline center and attempts romance with a co-worker.

>9:30/8:30c - The Last C.uck on Earth - Gender Friender (NEW!): Tandy goes to great elngths to convince everyone he's a feminist; Carol s jealous of Gail spending time with Erica and Dawn; Todd tries to be a father figure to Jasper.