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Star vs Actual Plot Development

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>Princess from another dimension inherits powerful family heirloom
>Is sent to a 'safe' dimension to train without disrupting the kingdom
>Promptly discovers a way to travel freely anyway
>Is hunted down by an incompetent former prince from her homeworld who has usurped his father's throne
>Chooses not to tell her parents about any of this
>The prince's throne is immediately usurped by an ex-general who killed the princess's grandmother
>The general pins and convinces her to 'destroy' her family heirloom, while in reality embedding himself inside it to corrupt it from within
>Manages to infiltrate the defeated prince's mind, convincing him to raise up a new army
>The princess has her entire family history and spellbook stolen by the prince under the general's influence
>The general uses the knowledge within the book to corrupt all magic, rendering a council of the most powerful beings in the universe powerless against him
>Kills them all when they try to stop him anyway
>With the universe's magic completely corrupted, he is able to easily lead the prince and his newfound army to conquer the princess's home kingdom
>Executes the King in front of a crowd
>The princess returns to her homeworld, invades the castle, and embeds herself in the realm of magic to defeat the general once and for all
>Burns herself in holy fire to literally go super saiyan, restore all magic in the universe, one shot the general, and take back the Kingdom in her family's name
>Accidentally revives an ancient evil Queen in the process
>Is manipulated by the Queen to allow her to live in the castle
>Is manipulated by the Queen to seek power for power's sake, is almost lost forever in the process
>Decides to try and draft a peace treaty between the kingdoms of her homeworld to solve everyone's problems
>Ends up accidentally restoring the memories of the immensely powerful half-monster daughter of the evil Queen

Also, Jackie will rise next season.