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South Park - "Moss Piglets"

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Well howdy everyone! It's me, your old pal Butters! Boy oh boy, we sure are nearing the tail end of the season, aren't we fellers? Just a few more episodes to go before the big finale! It sure has been something huh? My fingers are kinda tired from typing so dang much these past few weeks, but at least next Wednesday is a dark week! I wonder what the nice fellers at Comedy Central have in store for us for this week's all-new episode of South Park airing tonight at 10/9c!

>Moss Piglets - Timmy and Jimmy's science project has caught the attention of some very important people who think it can save the world.

Oh! Is this one not topical? I haven't been keeping up with the news lately since it's all fake. Can it just be a nice episode at the school? Can it? No? It has to be a metaphor for something current? Like how the witches were supposed to be witch hunts and Heidi was supposed to be a battered, abused, doubling-down Garrison supporter because if she admitted she was wrong the other side would never let her live it down?