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I get the feeling Star VS is just gonna end up doing some FRIENDS tier shit where everyone is gonna have fucking dated or banged one another at some point in time.
It feels like a very strange woman has directed the show and its writing. First we see Star and Tom broke up because Tom is an angry twat with anger issues galore, Star meets Marco and they become best friends, Marco is crushing/in-love with another girl Jackie.
So far, this is pretty standard. Then we get into the romance subplot further as this whole Toffee deal starts coming to a head. Star fancies Marco, Marco still fancies the fuck out of Jackie but also kind of likes Star. It's left off on Star not really acting on her feelings openly and when it does come out, they don't even properly confirm their feelings and get together because Marco has already gotten with Jackie.
Thus we have this weird shitshow going on now where suddenly Marco cares for Star to a degree he isn't sure about, but everyone else is telling him he is. Jackie breaks up with him even though they have a good thing going because she seems to think Marco loves Star, even though he's doing his damndest to make her happy, but he misses Star and Mewni in general, so she just takes that as 'Nah bro, you love her not me', which is pretty fucking retarded.
By this time Marco fucks off to Mewni again, Tom's been trying to improve himself and genuinely seems over Star, but she goes back to him because he's trying to change, so they get back together, and Star just apparently drops all the annoyance she had for Tom, and Marco doesn't sort of care but does because everyone is telling him he likes Star, even though it's all Jackie he talks about.
And now it seems Marco is going to go for the weird girl with green hair.

So instead of what would be expected, either Star and Marco getting together because Star has admitted her love for Marco, or Star moving on and Marco sticking with Jackie, we have this weird situation.

Am I mad?