Star vs the Forces of Evil

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The Season 3 Starbomb will continue with the season's 7th episode, "Demonicism/Sophomore Slump," tomorrow on the app at 3:00 AM Eastern, airing on Disney XD at 8:30 PM.

The script (subtitles) of this episode and dozens of low-quality preview screenshots were ripped from a Disney server and spread online this morning.
If you feel the need to post and discuss leaked content from the episode, please be considerate of those who don't want to be spoiled, and hide all images and discussion with spoiler tags. Per /co/ rules, the use of spoiler tags is enforced, so posting images and discussion of spoiler content without spoiler tags will probably get you banned.
The episode will be up on the app and a download will probably be available in about 5 hours, so please try to hold off until then.

If Disney fails to address the source of the leaks, this may be an issue for the rest of the bomb. Please keep all of this in mind for future episodes, and also try to avoid misusing spoiler tags to hide content and discussion that aren't actual spoilers.

All Season 3 episodes so far:!oOZyjS4Y!jyXFqsQajNeKr4VmtjIHQw