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Has this been posted yet ?

IMAX CEO Admits Inhumans Screenings Were a Mistake

>Marvel and ABC partnered last year with IMAX for what was then billed as an “innovative agreement” to premiere the first two episodes of Inhumans on IMAX screens, a first for a live-action television series. However, following the drama’s poor reception from fans and critics alike, IMAX’s CEO now concedes the presentation disappointed audiences.

>“Customers expected a production akin to a mega-budget blockbuster movie, rather than pilots for a television show,” Rich Gelfond admitted to Deadline. “Moreover, the fact that this was Marvel IP set the bar at a level you wouldn’t see from other pieces of content or IP because of the reputation and the high production value of Marvel movies.”

>So, will IMAX continue to try experiments like Inhumans? It certainly sounds like it, but the company is sounding a note of caution. “Going forward, we intend to take a more conservative approach consistent with the Game of Thrones approach to capital investments and content,” Gelfond explained. “We will be more conservative when considering whether to invest our own capital; and if so, to what extent.”

You know I almost feel bad for inhuman fags.