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>look him up on youtube
>video after video praising him, "what we can learn from dan harmon's writing" "dan harmon's essential story telling rules (which is basically just babbys first hero's journey)" and clips from harmontown where he gives really shitty destructive advice like "accept your own lazyness and dont strive to make anything good, just treat it like shitting something out (yes, that's pretty much verbatim what he says) with a bunch of yes men telling him how true and genius it is.

You know, I'm not a fan of call out videos, but if anyone deserves one, it's dan harmon. If only because he's giving genuinely really shitty writing advice to impressionable people in a way that might actively harm their creative journey, and people need to stop dickriding him and not treat him like the second coming of christ.

In that sense, he really is a new dobson. People only really latched onto hating dobson cause he gave shitty advice to impressionable kids, and that's just outright reprehensible. Except harmon is way, way, WAAAAAAY worse because he has a fucking industry backing him up as a rising star writer that gives weight to his advice that isn't easily dismissed as amateur. He's outright dangerous to impressionable writers.