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The Death of Marvel Comics

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>Ike fires the editorial teams
>Ike tears down the Fantastic Four and X-Men, sacrificing huge profits out of spite
>Marvel starts steadily, increasingly agitating their core fanbase to the point of collapse on an incredily idiotic and unstable philosophy of "Anger = Sales, Apathy never happens"

>Kevin Feige has enough of Marvel Entertainments bullshit and gets Bob Iger to amputate Marvel Studios from the cancered body, transplanting it under Disney FIlms

>The core fanbase is completely gone, and they've attracted a very niche new crowd, while DC capitalizes on this to deliver a crippling blow in the form of DC Rebirth

>Marvel starts their "Outrage = Sales" gimmick on the new crowd
>New crowd starts leaving and the good PR built from shallow pedantic gimmicks is drying up

>NYCC happens
>Retailers openly mocking Marvel at their panels
>Journalist sites openly shitting on Marvel in their articles

>Disney farms out Big Hero 6, a Marvel IP, to IDW.

They're on borrowed time now.

Its all crumbling.

How long do they have left?