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New details on season 4.

>Barry returns from the Speed Force more mature, upbeat and resourceful, unburdened by the past and eager to help people.

>Iris will be leading Team Flash in Barry's absence, and they will often humorously argue over what's best for Team Flash.

>Wally won't become the new Flash yet and is still facing the repercussions of being trapped in the Speed Force. His relationship with Jesse will go through an "evolution".

>Cisco will take greater steps towards a crimefighting career of his own, and his relationship with Gypsy will progress.

>Caitlin has returned but is still struggling with her Killer Frost persona. She can alternate between the two, but becoming Killer Frost makes her a wildcard.

>Joe's relationship with Cecile will also progress.

>Harry has joined Team Flash and is searching for new purpose now that Jesse is safe and accomplished as a speedster.

>More alternate versions of Harrison Wells will appear.

>Jesse has found herself as a hero in Earth-3, but might still make appearances.

>Julian has left Team Flash, but might still make appearances.

>Tracy has left Team Flash, but will return for a two-episode story arc.

>Barry's new nemesis, the Thinker, is an intellectual rival, requiring Barry to rely on his forensic skills and scientic knowledge to win, rather than just pure speed.

>Barry and Iris will get married.