It will end at Season 30. Mark my words.

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>nice solid number to end on, FOX can hype it up
>show has been creatively bankrupt for long-time, even most hardcore fans abandoning it
>the brief revival in some form of cultural relevancy and popularity among the kids around the movie and season 20 hype was totally exhausted by the turn of the decade: younger kids prefer family guy to modern simpsons by far (current family guy being in the same state that 2010 era simpsons that kids and young adults like/know it and can reference it, but most don't actively watch new episodes)
>in 2015, was still able to make the 10+ million viewer mark; this past May, ratings reached an all time low when the season finale barely passed 2 million viewers
>Harry Shearer publicly expressed desire to quit, probably won't be on board much longer
>Hank Azaria has starring role in new comedy series already renewed for a new season in 2018
>majority of cast members in 60s and 70s, one major cast member recently died
>FOX almost cancelled the show in 2011 over cast members' high salary demands of $500,000 each per episode
>local syndication revenue drying up as fewer local stations renew their contracts to air episodes, opting for newer sitcoms instead
>cable syndication revenue almost nonexistant as Simpsons's 300,000 viewer average on FXX on weeknights pales in comparison to the 1.5 - 2 million average shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show get in reruns on Adult Swim and TBS
>streaming revenue non-existent as it's only able to stream on special "Simpsons-world" app which literally nobody will pay for, as opposed to Family Guy which is still one of the most streamed shows on Netflix
>Family Guy still makes a significant amount of money from each new season's DVD and digital download releases; The Simpsons stopped at Season 17 in 2014 because it wasn't cost effective
>essentially, when it ends, Family Guy will still be enough to keep the $$$ flowing