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Black Female Superhero: Thread II

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We're creating a black female superhero, or superheroes. Ideas so far:
>Roberta Long AKA Ricochete (Rikki). Gained a body like hard rubber after an accident in a factory developing experimental tire rubber

>Kung fu woman who's taught martial arts by her Bruce Lee-loving grandfather. She uses her training to bust up local gangs and crimelords.

>Mechanica. Young poverty stricken girl from Ghana. While taking an engineering course at an Ivy League school she gets in a mechanical accident allowing her to talk to and manipulate machines. In addition to fighting crime she takes down dictators and stops human trafficking.

>Keanna Kendricks, a medium level reality warper that can't really control her powers. She's a Manic Pixie type like Haruko Haruhara, but a bit scatterbrained and too daring for her own good.