Justice league plot leak

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I don't want to give that faggot views :
atlantis, amazons, and lanterns (abin sir cameo) work together to defeat Darksied

They hide the mother boxes

Batman tries to recruit everyone, Aquaman and cyborg refuse

Cyborg's dad gets captured so he joins

Aquaman's Atlantis mother box gets taken

They get together

Stephenwolf brings superman back to life and makes him evil

The heroes go to a underground tunnel that connects metropolis and Gotham (how convienent) which is where the parademons are

They fight superman and Lois lane helps them turn him normal

Alfred joins the fight too (maybe he was talking to Lois in the preview?)

They all beat stephwolf and cyborg uses the mother box to reverse the portal sending parademon's away

They form the justice league to stop shit like this from happening

Lex Luther has found a way out of jail

Darksied is shown and wants to attack earth