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I hate Alex Hirsch

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So i was on twitter a few weeks ago and i saw a shit ton of tweets from Alex that finally set me off. This ungrateful little dwarf was on there bitching and complaining about how executives at Disney thwarted him at every turn and made his life hell while he was there and basically spread the blame around to literally everyone but the janitors for his failures. How is it even possible he's this blind to reality? No one else on that network had his kind of problems,everyone else fulfilled their contractual obligations and no one bitched and complained quite as much as this overrated little hack. He killed his own show and destroyed his own career and still blames everyone else. Notice that show on FOX never happened? It took him five years to give his fans two seasons of a show and a thrown together rushed finale. How does this little faggot have the balls to walk around with this undeserved sense of accomplishment and entitlement? Fucking sick of this little asshole and all his drama.