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Superman--And let's say Lois and Jon too, why not; Get sucked through an inter-dimensional portal while on vacation and get stuck in the Marvel universe with no conceivable way to ever get back home.

How does the Marvel universe change?
Is Superman embraced, or shunned because he's something different?
What city does he protect since Metropolis doesn't exist?
What team if any does he join? Or does he just start a Marvel version of the JLA? Or does he just stay solo in this unfamiliar environment?
Who does he make friends with first (Because lets be honest, this is Superman. He's going to make some Super friends)?
Who would become his Lex Luthor? Doom, maybe?
Could Superman punch the Marvel Universe so hard that it retcons stupid shit like One More Day and Civil War II?
How badly would Carol's alcoholism relapse now that she's totally useless?