Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Good movie, very weak adaptation.

>Flash Thompson - Tony Revolori was the most accurate Flash by far. Flash Thompson was never a physical bully that beat people up and dunked nerds in toilets, he was just a popular asshole that mocked Peter endlessly.
>Animated eyes in the suit
>Vulture's costume
>The street level scenes
>Everybody isn't white
>Too much tech in the suit
>Ned Leeds - annoying and selfish, and Peter shouldn't have close friends.
>Liz Allan - she was boring and had a crush on Peter when she should've been popular and seemingly unattainable
>Michelle - acted like Gwen Stacey, should've been Gwen Stacey
>Midtown being a private school
>Tom Holland's voice
>Donald Glover can't act
>The Vulture was too sympathetic
>No Uncle Ben - Peter's entire motivation was to make Stark proud and prove that he was a big boy and no longer needed a booster seat
>Responsibility isn't leaned into at all except Iron Man being like "I'm responsible for you, kid"
>Aunt May is too able - May being old and sickly is the foundation for a lot of Peter's character and motivations. Her being younger is fine and makes more sense, but she should've been handicapped or something.
>Aunt May finds out Peter is Spider-Man as a joke, again her not knowing is the foundation for a lot of Peter's characters and motivations
>The Parkers aren't poor
>The music

What did /co/ think though? Haven't been able to use my laptop the past 4 days.