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>Go to /co/ see Star vs. Forces of Evil
>See Jackie is a slut team
>See Star is a cuck team
>cousin wants me to watch the show
>Fuck it, I'll see what the big deal is
>Finished it 5 minutes ago

Okay you know what guys, you are worse than the fucking Twilight fags. Idk what's the big deal about Jackie. She seems like a pretty cool chick, even when she notices that there's something up with Marco and Star. She's doesn't go into Kardashian mode and is like "OMFG! ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH HER?! YOU BASTARD", but instead tries to make sure things go well. And as for star, jesus christ guys, I know you're all 5 years old and you discovered cuckery porn after seeing your gf get slammed by blackzilla, but give it a rest all ready. She's just a typical teenage girl that doesn't know what the hell she wants.
P.S. Hekapoo is BAE.