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Ashi appreciation thread

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>literally held off an entire army and her mother for her future boyfriend
>ashi brushing her hair over her ear to try and get Jack to notice her
>that excited "more?" when jack says her cooking is good.
>asking about his past to basically figure out if it's okay for them be a couple
>gets visibly excited to take off the robe in front of him, and visibly disappointed when he stops her
>coming back to say "bye" when she goes to get new clothes because she want's to see him one more time after turning the corner
>that all around hopeful and sweet personality
>There was a scene where Jack and Ashi stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds not long after their kiss.
>Starts rubbing the goop off of his face but keeps her hand there even after the spot is clean
>Forces him to come clean about why he left, and chooses not to chastise him, but to comfort him and tell him that she'll help him make everything right
>eats the eye candy of jack showering but doesn't stay out of respect to his shyness about nudity
>Her pure love for jack was so strong it overcame a literal essence of evil
>Says "he never will" in response to aku askin if Jack is dead, implying she plans to guard him as long as she has breath in her body
>That pure happy smile as she's walking down the aisle
She was perfect, why did you take her from us, Genndy. Why did you take her from Jack.
She deserved happiness
Did rewatching the season marathon make it better or worse?