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Wonder Woman: The Fix Is In

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WB has paid a HUGE fucking amount of cash under the table to buy WW good reviews.

Partly because they realize that Marvel's doing it and then some, but also because the consequences of Wonder Woman flopping are huge.

Not just the feminist backlash, but also the fact that if WW flops, then Warner Brothers is going to kill the DC film line dead and basically force Whedon to reshoot shit for JLA to basically wrap shit up so they can bury the current incarnation of the DC Cinematic Universe and mothball the franchise for however long it takes to make people forget.

Ironically, it's all going to be for not in a lot of ways. WW is a pretty decent film for what it's worth. Not great but watchable and a decent adaptation of the character. But DC is petrified of the film flopping, especially the potential feminist backlash against the film and the notion that Wonder Woman will be blamed for killing any future female lead driven super-hero film.