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Genuinely loved the ending

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So, at the risk of sounding dense, I legit liked the ending.

Since SJ excels in visual storytelling, and places value on it over dialogue, that's what I soaked in the most with this ending.

I felt that it was conveyed that Ashi suspected that she would die when killing Aku. Knowing this, she still went through with the plan, and in dying, she restored the world to the beauty and wonder that Jack once knew and believed that he would never see again. Making the world beautiful again as her last gift to him is something I found to be incredibly romantic. In that sense, I felt that it was genuinely bittersweet, rather than a cheap tactic to induce feels like most people are of the opinion.

And I feel that the scene at the end under the tree was really beautiful and captured the sentiment well, particularly being a callback to the scene where Jack first shows Ashi the lone tree in Aku's wasteland, except now surrounded by vibrant life instead of death.

So that's my two cents. For the very few of us that seem to like this ending, are there any other reasons you did?