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ITT: Post your shitty fanfiction endings. I know you have one, so you might as well post it here. I'll start:
>Ashi throws her and Jack through the time portal
>Shows them falling through the black and white
>Cut to the past
>Show Aku flinging past Jack into the portal
>Show Past and Future Jack meeting in the time warp
>They grab hands, spin around, and throw each other in the direction they each came from
>Past Jack goes back to the past
>Future Jack goes back to the future
>Fight scene that cuts and alternates showing future Jack fighting future Aku and past Jack fighting Past Aku
>Split screen showing half of future Jack and half of past Jack with the sword slicing down the middle for the final blow
>Future Jack continues to live in the future with all the friends he's made over his 50 year journey
>Still doesn't age
>Ashi learns to control the Aku part of her, so she doesn't age either
>The two literally live happily ever after
>The past is saved, and so is the future