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>The ending happens.
>Jack lives a relatively happy life in the past.
>Except he still doesn't age.
>He rules the kingdom once his father dies, and brings it to a long-lasting age of prosperity.
>Years pass. He begins to make preparations for a long journey.
>He leaves the kingdom in good hands, and departs.
>He travels the world, helping people wherever he goes.
>Years pass, and Jack finally finds what he was looking for. The Guardian and his time portal.
>They fight, Jack wins.
>"My man, you're worthy."
>The guardian's portal is different from the other time portals, it takes you to any time in your life, even those that somehow don't exist anymore.
>Jack chooses to go back to the future that is Aku, during the final fight.
>He stops Ashi from porting past-jack and herself, and duos future-Aku with past-Jack. They win.
>He explains to past-Jack that Ashi cannot go with him, and makes Ashi to send him back to destroy past Aku.
>He embraces Ashi in a long kiss while all the people he has helped are around him, cheering.
>The cheering slowly fades, along with everything else as the future is no more, with him in it.