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I think Jack has been on a downslide since Episode 3, but honestly I didn't think that finale was too bad.

The pacing I think was the biggest issue. What transpired in the episode itself was sort of OK, might have all even worked but the first 10 minutes were just spent on LOOK AT ALL THESE CHARACTERS, which is nice, it's a nice callback too but when you have 22 minutes you have to hurry that shit up rather than go room by room looking at the people Jack helped be shocked and upset.

The little battle that ensued was nice, maybe a bit of a generic all vs evil battle but I mean, it fits so I can't really complain. That all sort of transpired fine, and then it just became a clusterfuck of pacing.
Jack broken out immediately (he suddenly doesn't care about all the innocent deaths around him? Their lives not as important? And why would Jack even give up his sword last episode? He didn't have to do that to not kill Ashi). A quick, generic, I love you, random Ashi has Aku powers, immediate Portal, immediate Aku death, immediate cut to past, wedding got a little build up, immediate Ashi death (though randomly delayed till wedding lol) and then an immediate lone wanderer scene. Poor fight scenes too.
The events themselves could have worked in a better context, but all in all even that said I don't think it was that bad of an episode. Ashi wasn't forced hard in to it initially and honestly I'm mostly relieved she wasn't the one to kill Aku. Her being able to fight off Aku smells like bullshit though. She just gained her powers and she shouldn't be on his level.

Tl;dr events of the episode weren't that bad, pacing was. I'm actually surprised people are so negative here because usually it's the opposite where I feel more negative

People excusing this by saying muh 10 episodes aren't helping at all either. He had 10 episodes to plan exactly what he wanted. He could have used them more effectively, rather than spending an entire episode on eww girls lmao forced romance jokes.