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Greeting citizens of Lat/co/ria!
I trust that this day finds you well. Those of you currently rising to greet the new dawn, rejoice in the promise that lies before you in this, the land that you so love.
Citizens who require medical attention, ranging from menial disease to debilitating cancers, report to your nearest healthcare facility for immediate treatment.
Citizens requiring work will be immediately assigned a job based upon your experience, credentials and preferences. We must always march forwards to prosperity and contentment in our daily lives!
Those of you whose housing was recently demolished in the latest foolish attempts by our enemies to destroy our beloved homeland will be temporarily rehoused until their domicile has been rebuilt.
Citizens who wish to make inquiries and or suggestions for you local authority, report to the nearest Doombot. Every voice matters here in Lat/co/ria. Of course, mine shall be the final and ultimate.
As always, attempts to leave will result in immediate termination.

And remember, all glory to Doom!