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This show doesn't deserve all the hate it gets.

I feel like this, like MLP before it, is getting a lot of flak for pushing some fictional feminist/tumblr/SJW/gay agenda

Because boys aren't allowed to be girly, or like girly things, or show any kind of emotion in our society, even though girls can be as boyish as they want.

The animation isn't anything great, sure, same as every other recent cartoon out there, and the 11-minute-episode format is cancerous, but those are symptoms of the industry as a whole, and the show manages to be good despite that.

The characters are interesting, the songs are good, and it's the only cartoon in recent history that hasn't been screwed up by a forced romantic subplot being shoehorned in.

On the contrary, it's depiction of relationships is pretty good

It's not as good as it could have been (nothing ever is) but what we have here is something that's genuinely above average, and in this day and age that makes it a real gem.